When you still ….

Because life ain’t about the material things we have, but the moments and people we love.

When you still

Love me now when you still feel my warmth,

When you still notice my scars, and appreciate them,

When my heart still beats for you,

When you still hear the echoes from my throat,

Sounds of my ridiculous laughter and lousy voice,

Love me now,

When you can wake up each other day and see me,

Love me when am still alive,

A day is coming when i shall join my Father in Heaven and you will long for my cry baby ass but when am no more,

On this day, not even the sweetest words will not change my mind,

Not even the most expensive perfume will make me happy,

Neither the sausages or melons,

My ass will finally be at rest with the Father.

Him who loves us so unconditionally,

Love me when you still can.

Phiona Babirye



On top of the rock..

These photos below were taken at Green Oasis one of the best hotels in Kalongo. Green Oasis is right behind the great Kalongo rock. It is such a great view and get- away from the city.

Rock Climbing

Here we were sloping downward the rock and below are pictures of the Kalongo rock, views as we were climbing and on top of the hill.

On the 3rd day, we went out for rock climbing. kalongo rock is about 400 metres. We woke up at 5am. Walked to the rock, by 6am we had started to climb and by 9:30 am we were on top of the hill. Yeeeeeey!! It felt like super woman. Climbing was not easy, I almost gave up before the first corner (that is like 200 metres). Rock climbing is an activity the people of Kalongo do every 31st of January. A mass is held on top of the hill to thank the Lord for the gift of life.