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December’17 Travel series -Sunsets

This December i decided to go to the far South East (Agago district – Kalongo, Uganda) for holidays. Apart from the dusty roads and the scorching sun, Kalongo has beautiful sunsets, culture and people. Check out the sunsets and i took. Photos not edited.

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August Bible Series

August is here and am so exicited to start on my new Bible series. Are you wondering what “Bible series” means? Bible series is about sharing the word of God daily. Everyday i get to share a verse or two. These series are running for the next months till 31st December 2015. Hope I get to educate someone about God. 

Today’s verse is from; Phillipans 3:13

  • “Ofcourse, my brothers and sisters, I really don’t think that I have already won it; the one thing I do, however, is to forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead”

I read this vers this morning and felt I needed to share. Many a times you end up blaming yourself because of a thing you have done. But think about it if you asked for forgiveness from the Lord and learn to forgive others, you are forgiven. Our God is a merciful God. Some of you have held grudges for over a year or more.Therefore, don’t hold onto something that may block your blessings and bring you unhappiness. And don’t let these worldly desires take over you. The Lord hates proud people.

Enjoy your day.  

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Misplaced Conversations

Sometimes I sit in places and act invisible, not because I want to be alone but to make sure am in the right place at that particular time. Though mostly to find out what people think about certain things. So there is this place I usually get from lunch at campus, it is one of those you won’t find in the “1st class citizens” – rich people’s kids or “rich kids” and the attitude kind. It is an open kafunda. Enough of the bluh bluh………… This kafunda attracts a large number of the non-teaching staff that is; secretaries, cleaners, students etc etc. If you have read Houseboy, am about to sound like Ferdinand Oyono, “these black, yellow, light and brown ladies and gentlemen gather not only to feed the parasites in their intestines but to ‘trash talk’ their bosses. Yes, it is sad and disappointing that we always make others apart of our recreation time. What a muganda would call “lugambo”. The worst thing is that today it was a man, guys! A MAN! was the one leading the conversation.

As an employee, you may have a bad employer but hey, you have better things to do than go trashing them in public. This is a place where several students come have lunch from. What if you the boss you are trashing is his or her parent? What would you do if that student reported to their parent? This isn’t just about these rude employees but all of us. If someone hurt you, you should find a better way of letting it out than making it a public issue.

I looked at these employees and cried for them. I cried for the way they were being treated though cried much how they were letting out this information. In the loudest tones, clapping, laughing, parting each other’s back and many other uncoth things as if this would add more years to their life. Lets just learn where to hold certain conversations and how to communicate them.

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