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Eyes wide open, my mind on a marathon, my fingers itching to script my thoughts. Why am i awake? It is a question only the walls of my metra can answer . Been tossing in bed all night just to get a comfortable position but naught. Wow! God is such an artist.

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Hi September,

Today is the last day of the beginning of a new month, make the best of it. Choose to do you and u will never regret. Most times people want to know whats happening in your life but you know nothing/little about them. Why should you always be the one who is willing to share your dirty laundry with them yet they ain’t consenting to participación su poseer.

About me

A letter to July,

Dear July, 

Iam 3 days old here and so far things are going well. July please continue to be nice to me. June was so pissed with me that I almost list faith in what is good. It seemed as though I was being punished for all the wrong things I had done in that past months. It all started with my phone, then laptop etc etc. In every sad moment I tried so hard to find some goodness because I knew no matter what I was going through, there are people outside there who have problems bigger than what I had. 

What am I tryna say, always try to find happiness in everything. Positivity will take you to different places. A fabulous July.

So yesterday, Joy’s mum invited us for ” an after 4 years of journalism school” luncheon. It was amazing. To me this was a beginning of something great! Get you friends who become family. It ain’t everyday that people open their doors willingfully  to persons they completely don’t know.