No Promises – Shawn Mendes

Staring at my hotel window, too much on my mind,

Maybe we should keep it simple

We don’t have to decide

Oh, we don’t need to over complicate it coz i have been here once before and i dnt even say it,

Baby please no promises, coz we won’t keep our promises 🎶

This is the kind of “i ain’t sure of this relationship” verse. Besides that, i think this is the shortest song i have listened too before.


Just the way you are – Tarrus Riley

🎶🎶🎶Am in love with particular verse ❤

“She wants to be like them people on tv

She wants to look like them girls in the mazagines.

She got big dreams, see herself on the big screen

She asks me “do you love me? ”

I say, you are jst right, absolutely….

I love you just the way you are girl… You don’t have change, you dnt have to do a thing, oh! Just the way you are girl….. 🎶🎶🎶


Sunday Quotes

“…..Only you choose to be happy. The power is in your hands and don’t let anyone steal it from you”.