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Misplaced Conversations

Sometimes I sit in places and act invisible, not because I want to be alone but to make sure am in the right place at that particular time. Though mostly to find out what people think about certain  things. So there is this place I usually get from lunch at campus, it is one of those you won’t find in the “1st class citizens” – rich people’s kids or “rich kids” and the attitude kind. It is an open  kafunda. Enough of the bluh bluh………… This kafunda attracts a large number of the non-teaching staff that is; secretaries, cleaners, students etc etc. If you have read Houseboy, am about to sound like Ferdinand Oyono, “these black, yellow, light and brown ladies and gentlemen gather not only to feed the parasites  in their intestines but to ‘trash talk’ their bosses. Yes, it is sad and disappointing that we always make others apart of our recreation time. What a muganda would call “lugambo”.  The worst thing is that today it was a man, guys! A MAN! was the one leading the conversation.

As an employee, you may have a bad employer but hey, you have better things to do than go trashing them in public. This is a place where several students come have lunch from. What if you the boss you are trashing is his or her parent? What would you do if that student reported to their parent? This isn’t  just about these rude employees but all of us. If someone hurt you, you should find a better way of letting it out than making it a public issue.

I looked at these employees and cried for them. I cried for the way they were being treated though cried much how they were letting out this information. In the loudest tones, clapping, laughing, parting each other’s back and many other uncoth things as if this would add more years to their life. Lets just learn where to hold certain conversations and how to communicate them.

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Unforgettable Faces

my stars! for lack of a better word but  I love love these men. I would listen, watch and look at their art every second of the day that comes by.


Todd Dulaney, he is such a great singer. a man whose music reaches my soul. I love his “Victory Belongs to Jesus” and the cover he did for “Anthem”. Whenever I listen I feel like I obliged to repeat my sins. And babes this guy is cuteeeeeeee…….

Todd Dulaney spent most of his life pursuing a baseball career, playing 5 years of professional baseball. Now, his joy comes from serving the Lord in any and every capacity of life. He is steadfast and sold out to God and his eyes are focused on ministry and fulfilling His purpose. Dulaney’s dream is to write music, which ministers to the heart of God and touches the heart of man. Not what’s hot, but what delivers, what heals, what restores, music that God inhabits.

Born December 20, 1983 in Maywood, IL, Dulaney grew up as a singer and an elite athlete. After graduating from high school in 2001, Dulaney was drafted from Community College in Mt. Carmel, IL, by the New York Mets to pursue a professional baseball career. While refining his athletic skills, Dulaney realized that there was a higher calling upon his life. He accepted an invitation to travel and perform background vocals for gospel artist and Grammy winner Smokie Norful.

Todd has worked and shared the stage with many award-winning artists, including Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Jessica Reedy, Maurette Brown-Clark, Michelle Williams, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Dr Bobby Jones, Ernest Pugh, TRIN-I-TEE 5:7, Nicole and David Binion, Tye Tribett and Donnie McClurkin just to name a few.

God has opened many doors on his behalf allowing him to minister in song at churches worldwide. Dulaney has made appearances on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel, TBN “Praise the Lord”, 15th Street Live, Atlanta Gospel Live, BBTV, TCT “I’m Just Sayin”, The 2011 Merge Summit and (3) nominations for the 2012 Stellar Awards second round ballot, and recently received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Gospel Album.

Todd is currently a faithful member under the ministry of Dr. Bill Winston at Living Word Christian in Forest Park, IL. He is married to the lovely Kenyetta Stone-Dulaney and his greatest accomplishments are his three lovely children Taylor, Todd Jr. and Tyler.

One thing that Todd desires, is to keep the message of Christ on display more than the brand of the artist. “Without the Christ of the Gospel, we don’t have Gospel/Christian music”


This one is dope! his Dime song is what attracted me to him. It excludes me from the evil in this world. I feel ‘lonelessly” sweet when I listen. And guess what we share a birth month.

Jencarlos Canela is a talented actor from United States known for starring the lead role of Xavier in the TV series Telenovela. Besides acting, he is also a great musician. He is an also a popular singer and songwriter. Tall and handsome Jencarlos Canela was born in Miami, Florida, United States of America to Lisette and Heriberto Canela. He is an American and is of Cuban descent.

In September 2011, Canela was seen having romantic love affairs with Gaby Espino. Gaby Espino is also a talented actress, model and TV presenter. He dated him as his girlfriend for about three years and they also had a child together in 2012. Though, he also expressed his desire getting married to her and be her loving spouse, this love life changed the track with the start of 2014 and they called off this love life on 26th of August 2014. He doesn’t have any wife.

Canela’s musical career started at a young age and that was at the age of 12. He joined the musical group “Boom Boom Pop” as its lead singer and performed successfully in several occasions. Though he was having a wonder life as its lead singer, he decided to begin his solo career in 2002. In 2004, he performed in Miss World and in the beauty pageants the following year. He has also appeared in the international events like The Latin Fiesta Festival, The CALLE OCHO Festival and so on. HIs debut album Búscame was released on 10th of November 2009 and his second album Un Nuevo Día was released two years later. He has also been active in acting since 2007. His net worth is $5


To be contiued………………………………….



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