Still Nothing….


The days i sat home,

Waking up to the same routine everyday,

And reality hitting you,

Of how unemployed you are,

A thousand business cards in my wallet.

But none was helpful,

The connections i had,

Still nothing,

The nights were even longer,

Thinking of what you are going to eat the next day,

What you are going to wear,

Where you will get the money to make your hair,

How you are going to ask Dad/mum for this money,

Yet they have given you the best for the past 23 years,

The number of job applications i made each day,

The unanswered mails,

The hope i always had for each interview that came through,

To be continued……


Self Reflection

Screen yourself. Ask yourself questions. Try to answer. Think about your actions. Are you the problem or the people around you? Open your eyes and brain, not your quick judgmental page. What if you are the problem? The reason for your unhappiness? Have you even thought about it? Or you are always blaming those around?

“You are not God,” the priest said

The streets are not safe,

The people supposed to protect us are the goons,

The Leaders we elected only care about themselves,

All the promises they made to us vanished the day they won the ballot,

But who are you to judge them!

“You are not God,” the Priest said,

The motto changed decades ago, “For God and my stomach,”

Where did we go wrong ?

Malnourished my shoe soles, loose nickers, ragged drained trousers, dry hair, cracked lips, rumbling stomach, chopped ugly nails, wringled faces, rough dry legs from the dust on the streets,

Unemployment has become apart of us,

Create jobs for yourselves, they say,

Unanswered job emails,

“Send your job application, employers indicate on them job vacanices,

One awaits even for a “Sorry you are not the candidate we want” but nothing,

Only to use them to wrap snacks,

Wasted mobile data,

Wasted printery money,

Wasted hope,

The fancy streets at night are flooded with different rainbows,

All they need is shillings!

But when will this end?

Our hospitals,

to be continued