Depression Is Eating Up My Soul

I have been depressed for about three weeks and being someone who doesn’t open up easily, this has affected me in so many ways.

Depression πŸ˜ͺ will have you feeling like some zombie! Wishing you could wake up dead the next day and not live to feel the pain. That feeling as if your head is about to explode yet there’s nothing you can do about it.

You know when you have that funny flu that just flows like tap water, yes, that one! You can’t control it, each time you bend, it will be screaming in your nose, “Don’t leave me behind…”

Like a black ant, depression licks all the sweetness there is in your tea until it is tasteless.

I know we think talking to someone would help. But sometimes, it ain’t about speaking about it. You need some factory reset. Turn on that location button or go wild. Do something that distracts you from the NOW!

What am I trying to say, check on your people guys. πŸ“£

Don’t be deceived by what you see on social media, most of us are hurting from the inside but we come on here and act like Barrack Obama.

We are in a world where someone calls you up to ask you for a movie or to go out and drink but they ain’t gonna ask you how you truly feel mentally.