Posho and Beans

Why are some women in these public offices so rude? Why are they mean? You enter an office and someone gives you a catfish eye contact like you are the one who betrayed Jesus. Why are they unnecessarily angry with the world? I could understand if a person walked in, and didn’t even bother to greet someone. That’s some next-level disrespect. You don’t expect the receptionist to be nice to you either.


But have you also noticed how some policewomen and men are always angry? Ready to bite at any given moment. I know this is about to sound funny but I understand. These people sleep in very poor houses, their salaries are so terrible, they are given pathetic  (food) posho and beans for their families. Posho and Beans is not bad food, it only becomes bad when it’s of poor quality (unrefined floor and bee weevils). How do you expect such a person to be happy when they see you driving a Benz (maybe its even borrowed)!

This reminds me of school, sometimes a teacher would just come in and start whipping you all for something as tiny as not cleaning the blackboard?” Haha!