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Relating with People

Sorry am about to start this blog in the most uncoth way. But what gets in people’s heads when they assume an office? The arrogance these guys sitting in public offices have is so overrated. You got employed, probably walked around looking for a job and they were nice to you. Why can’t you be good to others? Okay, let’s say you found a few rotten tomatoes that were rude to you and made you feel unlucky, are you paying back for what happened to you? Why live in the past yet your future is all around you? I do not know if this happens in Uganda only but it is too much.

Leaving the job issue aside, sometimes you need from a person in power or a head of department yet the response you get is enough to scare you off. Why are some people so rude to persons they have never met? I mean you are just meeting this lady or gentleman for the first time, wherefore be rude? No man is an island. Today it may be you but tomorrow is for another just be careful with how you treat the people around you. You can not be nice to everyone but try to be kind. It doesn’t hurt.

I will not blame all this on the bosses. Once in a while, one may approach you in unappropriate way. What do you do? When you realize someone just made a mistake what do you do? Do not do things according to what you feel is right to you, things that will make you happy because you suppose you have a right. Each time you are about to do something think about it.

Just like we find these “bosses” in offices and they treat us rudely yet we have barely done nothing. You may have looked ignorant to him/her though he has got no right to treat you rudely. Learn to relate with people be it your family, friends, classmates and strangers. You may take it lightly although some people take it serious and carry it on for revenge. Otherwise have a goodnight.

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