Why Blog? 

Finally, Day 31 | 31 day blogging challenge (why do you blog?) 

  • Blogging is not just a hobby but an addiction. It is a part of my life. I love to write.
  • Blogging helps me get to know and interact with many people across the world.
  • To improve on my writing skills.
  • Learn my environment and tell people about it.
  • Sell my content especially photography
  • It is another way to let off stress. 
  •  It is another way of socializing with a lot of people.
  • I believe blogging helps you tell a story that might/will improve someone’s situation. Words of motivation. 
  • To share my thoughts 
  • Helps me crowd source with people who may have a similar line of thoughts. 
  • I blog because its a lifestyle for me. 
  • I have also always loved to write. I believe it is the only way I can reach out to a large audience out there. 

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