Discovering Uganda 

Day 29 | 31 day blogging challenge 

I cannot believe, am soon getting done with this challenge. Someone nominate me or give me a writing challenge pleaseeee…. Anyway today, am telling you guys about the places I have traveled too.

As a child was born in Kampala – Ntinda, Nsambya. Was baptized in Moroto, moved to Masindi, Lira and Arua. Also studied in Jinja at Rubaga Parents. I have been to Iganga and of course Busia by default because it is where I come from. 

I have been to Busia- Kenya. The only time I have crossed Uganda. Recently I was in Kalangala. It was amazing. 

I know some of you might have expected better results but thats my travel journal. Just around Uganda. Haha!! and i enjoyed every bit of it. I remember the time we were air lifted from Moroto in an aircraft to Kampala. Lets say my dad would be president of this country now but he feared to go to the bush. (If he sees this, I swear am dead!) Well,  have traveled for family and education reasons but am looking forward to travel for adventure reasons. 


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