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My unfilled dreams

Day 28 – 31 day blogging challenge

Hey goodmorning bloggers? Hope we all fine. May is coming to an end and this means a new month is up for grabs. What are your plans? May might have been tricky but as enroute june you should be determined to achieve. Now this is where I come in. My question for today is, “what are you looking forward too?”

Uh-huh! am looking forward to a better spiritual life. Iam not writing this because it is a Sunday. Truth is that it has been long since I attended service and read my Bible. Each day I woke to a beautiful sunrise & sunset, good health, family, etc. I thank the Lord for it but I feel I have not been that good of His child. The Lord has done great things in my life. 

I also hope for a better future. Graduating from Makerere University, getting a nice job and peace. I can not wait to finish university in June. So help me God. 

This lady here is looking forward to becoming a reknown blogger in the world and photographer (photojournalist). Am not about fame but my skills/talent speaking for me. I want to be a job creator not seeker in 5 years time. 

I look forward to making more productive friends (professionals)  in field of photography, blogging and online journalism. Building a society of friends I can share ideas with. 

Lastly but not least am looking forward to the day I fly out of Uganda and go discover what is in other countries. Not that I hate my country but I need to travel, interact with new people, share and learn from them. 

Have a lovely Sunday. 

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