Common sense ain’t common

Not everyone who calls his name will enter the kingdom of Heaven. Hope  I quoted that the right way. Still on that religious madness topic. I bring you the “fake pastors” story from NTV Uganda  

In my view this piece needed more for an investigative piece. However, after watching this video you realize that Christians are so based on miracles and quick answers. We are just blind to the truth. How can a pastor tell you, ” you want a house and then you are bringing to church 10,000shs as tithe for a car or house?” Really! really? where in the Bible is that written? That more money means more blessings. Haha!! wake up people, these guys have created business and sucking the life out of your pockets for a better life. Leaving the Bible aside, you as a christian where did your common sense go? This foolishness these religious leaders are showcasing is beyond. We have also allowed to be fools. LET STAFF HAPPEN. Now that pastor who receives direct calls from GOD. hahahahehehehohohoho!!!! I do not know how many times I read my Bible, but lets read our Bibles and understand the word. And not forget to act the word instead of waiting for people to interpret for us. Maybe just we shall become spiritually “unblind”.

“I Have God’s Direct Number” Says Zimbabwean Pastor As He Call God On Phone During Service


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