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Are men really “Trash” ?

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It has been long since I wrote a relationship blog post. No wonder this one would not wait till tomorrow.

Dear women, this message goes out to all those who have failed to understand the logic. Try to read this content with emotions aside. Sometimes I see stories online and I cannot help but cry. Some are really sad.Okay, you got a boyfriend and yesterday you found him in bed with your sister. He is trash, right? Have you asked yourself why he is cheating? 

Women here is the thing, you will never stop calling men trash if you do not get some pride on you. Guy says hi today and tomorrow you jump in his bed. You leave home on a Friday evening with the girls but your motto is , “we ain’t buying drinks but we shall drink” Where is the respect? Trust me there are guys who are always willing to buy you drinks? Another scenario would be “today am dressing for that man or these male workmates of mine! Sweetheart, they will look and appreciate. Eyes are for seeing and the mouth is for talking. Before you know it your married boss is aching for you and you are on top of the moon. He leaves his family at home just to make you feel like the queen of queens, the most beautiful woman on earth, as if he has just fallen in love for the first time. Girls and women no married man will leave his wife and children for you. You are just something to play with and before you open them eyes you will be pregnant with a child of a man who can not even respect you.

Problem is that we want to be respected and regarded as equal to men but we have failed to stand up for ourselves. Why do you say “me I want a rich guy!” Can’t you work hard and be the rich wife? Huh! Do you have to attract a man’s attention using your body? Where is the pride in you woman!? Remember your body is God’s temple respect it. 

Okay at times some men have really done terrible things to women and deserve to be named but do not let that man get his way. If only we avoided certain situations. Babes, you know you do not love this guy then you “gold dig” his pockets to silver. What do you expect him to do when he finds out you were only there for money? What do you expect him to do when he finds you cheating? What we should know is that people react differently when angry. To you “trashy” men, men who make bets to win over a girl, those of you who have killed other people’s children etc etc…. God forgive you. There are many ways you would settle something without hurting a lot of people because of a single act. Money is not everything. If she is cheating on you, there is a reason she is? Drop that line of; “me I have done all the right things and now you pay me like that!” You ain’t a saint either. You may have not cheated like her but you are a better person if you walked out on her.  

I shall also acknowledge that there is a factor of “pretence”, your partner may pretend just to get you and after a few months the sweet banana becomes a lemon. But why pretend just because you want to have someone. Shame on you! 

Otherwise, lets act mature. Stop acting with emotions. Think about the consequences of our actions. Think about the family of the people you want to harm not only your satisfaction. Learn to talk over issues. Learn to ignore and walk away. Ask yourself always “if this was my brother or sister would I love to hear this happened to them?” And lastly ask for God’s guidance. 

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