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My Dream Job

Day 23 | 31 day blogging challenge

We are getting more personal. “What is your dream job?” Is the topic for today’s blog post 

Growing up my daddy called me “doctor” he wanted me to be a doctor. I think it was a feeling he got because his beautiful wife (my mama) was a medical worker.Truth is I thought being a doctor was cool. When I got to high school my job conversations with my dad changed. We started to jazz about constitutional books. Now I admired being a lawyer and trust me father was always supportive in these ever changing decisions. In form 4, I happened to be the most obedient girl but I knew every gossip around school especially relationship centered “lugambo” …somehow I started calling myself a journalist. It felt good and powerful when people came to you for inquiries and data verification. Haha!!! Not that I was a troublesome being. In fact, I never was found on the wrong side of the law unless when I had “tripled” sleeping hours and missed morning prep.  Unlike other students, I had a way of looking at thing beyond what my eyes would see and create a story. And it was never false. 

Anyway, by the time I sat for my  form six finals I knew I wanted to be a journalist or lawyer. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get law at Makerere University. Am now a talented journalist, photo journalist and social media strategist. Back to the question, my dream job is to be an established independent and successful production guru. Production interms of; television, radio, film and photography. Thank you. 


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