Day 21 – My Favorite Foods

Hello bloggers hope we are having a wonderful Sunday. Today’s question on the 31 day blogging challenge is…..”what are your 10 favorite foods?” I can not wait to start on it. Here I come. Come see the beautiful menu and be ready to water your lips.

  •  The Ugandan rolex – Easy and quick to make…. I like my rolex mixed with cabbage, onions and green paper. Two eggs one chapatti and am good to chew 

    • Matooke and offals – Awesome when served steaming hot. Only thing is that offals take long to get ready. By the way my best part is the one with holes at both ends for lack of a better word. Heheee……….. But mashed matooke works best for me.

    • Matooke, meat and g.nut sauce – not that I eat so much but I always love this mixture.

    • Sausages and chips – Anytime anyday, give me this junk and I will gladly thank you. 

    • Dried fish stew in peanut soup with matooke – Am just into g.nut sauce. But being a Samia my liking for fish should not be one for debate. 

    • Malakwang – Oh! Now there is this northern region delacy. Malakwang/vegetable mixed with g.nut sauce. This goes well with pos ho, yes especially posho for me and potatoes. I promise next time I will be back just to explain how this dish is made.

    • Fried cripsy with Chips – this is something you always look forward too when going to the beach. 

    • Luwombo – This a Buganda speciality where sauce is cooked/steamed in banana leaves. Shaka Zulu (Bugolobi) is one of them places you can find really finger licking luwombo.

    • Nsenene

    • Dry fish stew/ fresh fish with “Kalo” (millet floor) – Now we talking about my stample food. The floor has to be a mixture of millet and cassava which makes good “Kalo” and the dry fish just cooked with tomatoes, onions, oil, garlic depending on your “good cook” capability. When growing up my mum taught me that if its one fish- 2cups of water, 2 of them- 4cups of water and the like. I love this meal but can only have it for once a day. 

    • Fried Chicken, pilau and Chips

    How I wish I would not stop, lol you realize I have over 10 types of foods I love. Not so good of a food blogger but i swear next time am doing a food thread about 256 foods. 


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