The car Accident that almost took my dad’s life

Day 20 | 31daybloggingchallenge

“The most difficult time in my life”

I thank the Lord for you Dadutts

“You are there laughing yet your father has got an accident” I reminisce those words Susan ultered that cold morning at around 6pm like it is from yesterday. I and nakie were in primary five then. In the boarding section. The school was both day & boarding but we had pressured mum to also let us experience the “school independent” kind of life as our other siblings. Susan a close family friend arrived to school with her eyes red and wet from crying. Laughing, I mimicked her, not knowing my dear daddy was the reason she had red eyes.

The silence that followed that statement was of guilt. “My dad is what!?” I ran to Naki (my twin sister) to deliver the sad news. To us, it felt like a lie because mum would have come for us. Besides why would Susan cry for a “mere” landlord, did my dad matter this much to their family? Ofcourse he did, they were tenants who had become family. To cut the long story short, when my dad got this accident everything changed, the humble reserved man became the opposite. But I must say am proud of him because he was out there in the Northern region giving decent burials to Ugandans who had been killed (they had been burnt in their huts at night) by the LRA rebels. We almost lost daddy but I still would be proud that he birthed me. It was a difficult time for us.

No matter what we have been through. I want to thank God for his life. My siblings and i did not know we would finsh even secondary school. We had to go to not so good schools as expected but hey, here I am in my 4th year. Eve is working, Carol graduated, Ivan did not give up, David is in form 4 and Nakie has got herself a nice job. Glory to God. The Victory belongs to Jesus.

We did not know daddy would make it. He had a severe head injury which affected him up to now, blood was clotted in his legs, he was in a coma for a week and, not even the presidential handshake would do anything. I remember uncle picking us from school to go visit him. Dad seemed lifeless yet he was alive. He said to us “I love you my children”.

Oh! this story makes me emotional. We had the most difficult time as a family, a lot of privileges we lost. But still I want to thank God that my daddy still lives on. You know father always tells us “you are very expensive children, you are my greatest gifts and never forget that”. My mzee has taught me to be pride of what I am and where I come from. I also learnt that material things come and go but true love never dies. I have learned to be independent because I had to be away from my family. I was always the cry baby who never wanted to leave mum’s side. Haha!! This reminds me about the first time me and my twin sister had to travel home (Nsambya) alone from school. Lol, guys we got lost in the taxi park. Boarding school greatly shaped us.

Hope am speaking to someone! Sometimes I look at people with all the “village” they carry around because they just bought a car or own a mansion or maybe they just got a 300,000 paying job and think they are a class apart. I tell myself,,,,,,”forgive them Lord, for they do not understand”.


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