My most Proud Moment

Day 1731 day blogging day

Mmmmmh………. I have a lot of things I have done or achieved but today I will share with you the nice feelings I got when I made it to the University. I know someone maybe saying waaaah, but the fact that am in the book of records as one of the best student in this country., you guys got to clap for me. Hehehehe…

 I remember the joy on my mum’s face when she saw “Babirye Phiona” on the list of the best students of A’level 2013. The phone calls my dad received, how they felt that I did not have to ask MTN, Africell, etc what I had got. It is not like none of my siblings had never made this in their life. Haha!! But that was my moment to shine. My Uncle Godwin giving me a very big fat hug and saying; “this little head of yours really has a lot of knowledge”. I felt proud. 


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