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My 15 favorite things 

31 day blogging challenge – Day 11

The excitement seated in my heart is overwhelming, as am yet to tell you about my favorite things. Wululululuuuu….


Oh! Jesus I would hold a camera and play around with that lens anytime anywhere just to take that perfect shot. Photography is lifestyle which no one is ever taking from me. Not only am I a photographer but I love taking pictures. By the way I have an Instagram account for pictures taken by me and my personal account.

Photos_by_phiona is my official photography IG account. babirye_phiona is my personal IG account.


Hoho! Am a foodie anyone around me knows I love to eat. It is no wonder I have no specific dish. Eating is my favorite from day one. Maybe one day I will jazz you guys how I got this the scar on my face. No, I was not fighting for food. I know someone may think so.


Phiona may not be the best of writers there is but me feels that writing is one way to help or improve the community you stay need. It enables you to interconnect with the world. This explains The Hub , how I love this space because here I feel like am free to do anything I want too.


One of those things I never get sick doing is exploring, travelling and discovering new things. Learning aspects from different cultures across the globe. It is as amazing as falling in love with the right person.

Hanging out

Once in a while, I go out and act “stupid”. Hihi…… Forger about my problems and just have a good laugh with my friends. By the way I have the best friends in the world. Daize, joy, Aggrey, violet, Merab, Janet, happy you guys are amazing….

My Sleep

I love my bed just like sleep itself. Sleep is that activity of any day which sets apart from this world. You forget all your problems and literally die.


As for this one, this man is so special and a class apart. You know that kind of person who comes in your life and,  you feel contented and protected. Yes, it is love. This “handsome-beautiful creature is one of my favorite things. He makes me smile.


Uh! Family,family, family, famillllllly. Family is everything, sweetheart everything you will ever need. That is why when it is holiday time and the festive season. That is the period of the year I am most excited because we going to hang as family and catch up on the year’s jazz. All the lugambo about work,school, people, power, Uganda, hangouts, love, relationships and many other issues.


I know a friend/friends of mine who are reading this line and are not surprised. Lol. Janet calls me the “wifi queen” because for some reason I always know the passwords to each place I drop in.  I do not want to say I love social media but I got no better statement to use than that. Okay, maybe I should say, I love my phone. By the way I was not shocked when nominated for “outstanding student for online journalism”.


“Let music be food for thy soul……” Listening to music is my everyday thing I never get tired of. I love music. Secularly, reggae music is a class apart. Music helps me loosen up and get rid of waste products. It is obviously the only way I exercise my body. I usually get muscle pain when I go dancing.


Am a novel lover. I do not read a lot but I definitely will read a book in just 3 days depending on what genre of book . If it is a love story, I will even miss a lecture to read the next page/chapter. do not tell my dad i said that.  I love my sleep but reading a novel all night I would do too. I used to read novels online or download them but my eyes,,,,,, Though I stopped since the day they realized “Fifty shades of Grey” the movie and the details written in novel were totally different. I preferred the novel. The Bible is also one of those things I feel motivated reading.


Just like listening to music, watching series/movies is refreshening, relaxing, thought releasing and fun. I promise to tell you about my best movies/series next time because I know it is a long story. However, I love series more because they keep me going. When you have a nice series like; scandal, Nickita, the flash, Riverlade, mistresses, Being Mary Jane etc you will always be eager to go back home and find out what happened next. As for animations, they are a whole world in my fun life.

Chit chat

In other-words, for luck of a better word. Talking or socializing with the people. Oba I call it gossip.


I can not believe this but I am saying it. I like a clean place so you will find me doing housework any day. You know housework is a like an allegory for home cleaning. Though washing utensils is my favorite house chore. I will wash utensils from 6pm to 6am. Hehe!!….Did I just say 6pm to 6am? That is hyperbole.


Another of those favorite things is beaching👌. Infact when I grow up, I want to build a beach house.

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