If I would own a sea! 

“What is your best physical feature?” #Day10. It has been 10 days of the blogging challenge and am still loving this. Sometimes we think it is easy to tell what we are but it can be tricky.

Today I have to tell you guys about my best physical feature. This reminds me of social studies in primary school. Hehe……..

Teacher:  “what is a physical feature? 

Class: (chorously) a physical feature is……..

Hahaha!! Well, today I am back to that primary class. Trust me I am not dense but I forgot the defintion. Though i know the examples. I won’t go there. So my best physical feature is the water sources (lakes, rivers, oceans, seas etc ) oh! How I long to see an ocean or sea. Am told their water is all blue. I love water sources because of the fresh breeze, the innocence, the beautiful landscape, the peace of mind that comes with just hanging around the sea. I think am just a nature lover. 


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