My Worst Habits

#Day 9 – #31daybloggingchallenge

Uh! Mmmmh! What are my worst habits?

Being too honest. Sometimes am so outspoken that it hurts. I think its a worst habit because you may end up dismissing a person without expressing themselves.

My diet. I eat a lot of junk. Its worse that I do not watch my diet which is unhealthy yet I train less.

On several ocassions I also bite my nails which is not sexy.

I tend to love my phone more than people many times. 

I can be judgmental to an extent that I can tell if a guy has intentions. Haha!! Is this intuition. Trust me there is no guy I have ever met and I felt he liked me and it was false. Am not bragging. Am just proving a point. 

Pride. Oh! Just like any lady we need that attitude on us for the people who may need it. But many atimes I let my pride take over especially if the other person was the first to show it. You don’t want to know darling… Much as I really love the people around me, I can also be mean. 

Emotional. This is a bad habit I should get out of my little precious heart. I think am way so emotional that at times I cry over small things.

Complaining. I tend to over complain sometimes which is irritating to some people. 

4 thoughts on “My Worst Habits

  1. “I think am way so emotional that at times I cry over small things.” If people knew the power in crying, we wouldn’t have man committing suicide and having suicidal tendencies. Crying is so powerful that I have a crying sessions once a week. See, I’m also this type of person that rarely express how I feel and act on emotions, things I feel deep down. I think of myself as driven by logic, but you gotta let it all out somehow. You don’t wanna be consumed by the dark hole.. So, I cry. Please, no one knows this..

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      1. emotional tears shed these hormones and other toxins which accumulate during stress. Additional studies also suggest that crying stimulates the production of endorphins, our body’s natural pain killer and “feel-good” hormones.” Interestingly, humans are the only creatures known to shed emotional tears, though it’s possible that that elephants and gorillas do too.

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