My handbag

Well yesterday if you noticed I did not write because I was not feeling good but also I have no pet. And if I owned a pet it would be a puppy but sometimes they freak me out. Anyway, #Day 8 #31daybloggingchallenge 

What is in my handbag?” I ain’t a handbag girl, but I have things that never miss in my bag pack. 

  1. Lipstick

  2. Ear phones

  3. Sun glasses

  4. Handkerchief

  5. My wallet

  6. My IDs

  7. Toilet paper

  8. A sweater

  9. My phone charger

  10. A snack/drink

  11. Phone

  12. Camera

  13. A pen/pencil

  14. Notebook

  15. USB cable


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