20 facts about me 

May, hope you treat me well. Its day 2 ( #31dayblogchallenge) and I already have a story to cover and a meeting to attend. Well, I hope it ends with some “nice” allowance. Almost forgot., today we talking facts about me; 

  1. Christ is at the center of my life. 

  2. I love writing.

  3. I do not like doing housework.

  4. When angry I cry. Haha!! 

  5. I easily get attached.

  6. Am so honest that sometimes it hurts.

  7. I am a very good timer keeper. (Punctual)

  8. Am a good dancer 

  9. Am a great photographer. Photography is part of my lifestyle. One of those this world  is yet to recognize.

  10. I love food a lot. Oh! Jezz… I love eating. 

  11. Short tempered.

  12. It is tricky to impress me.

  13. Am so assertive when it comes to what I think is right. (Outspoken)

  14. I laugh a lot. 

  15. I got some really bad-ass pride on me for people who deserve a taste of it. 

  16. I love horror movies. 

  17. I love my independence.

  18. I love traveling.

  19. I love my bed.

  20. Am a twin and no one is ever taking that away from me. Lol😂


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