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“Religious” Madness

First it was pastor kayanja who came up with #77DOGS and every other religious leader thought it wise to copy. Then prophet Samuel kakende dropped in with holy rice. That was not enough, pastor Yiga Augustine holds a “crusade” every Friday where he invites secular artists to entertain his folk, he does not stop there but also donates trees or  seedlings of prosperity for home take- away. We understand he wants to promote afforestation but hey, it looks like “jjuju”. Am not yet done with Yiga’s drama ****** he tells these desperate Ugandans to carry with them a five thousand note so he can pray for it and after they keep it in their wallets for money(ies) to manifest in their lives. One may wonder why a pastor, a man of God , people! a man of God I want to believe so would do such foolishness….. But when we thought it was over, pastor Aloysious Bujjingo is said to have ordered the burning of holy bibles “the herd of God’s word ” because of a word his vocabulary is not familiar with. Ladies and gentlemen, this messenger of God thinks the word “HOLY GHOST” is evil to be associated with a true Bible.


Image result for pastor bujjingo burns bibles - uganda
Pastor Aloysious Bujjingo
Image result for PASTOR YIGA - UGANDA
Pastor Yiga Augustine
Image result for prophet samuel kakande uganda
Prophet Samuel Kakende




Religious madness is the title to this article not because of what our leaders are doing but how us christians have failed to understand the WORD and the love for quick feedback. Fellow countrymen, patience pays. He is risen and the victory belongs to him so do not despair. Whenever I write these kind of articles I make it clear , am no perfect but at least am trying to live my life in a way that Christ would want it to be. Persons out there are looking for a pastor to heal or relieve them from their problems. It is not about Christ anymore but who has the biggest congregation, has a booming profile, television station broadcasting the ‘bestest of the bestest” and many more . Just so we know it is not about being a christian but accepting Christ.

It is about the money but not God anymore. Some know the truth but have decided to act blind. I mean how do you explain to your children that you spent a night crusading (talking to the Almighty God) but Gravity Omutujju was the artist who entertained you. Oh! foolish galatians, who has bewtiched you? Jesus came for us the sinners but if these sinners come to disrespect his home, do you think he is happy? On several occasions I have tried to relate Yiga’s drama to Jesus-sinner scenario. However, why invite a secular artist to perform a secular song at a crusade and on holy ground? Is it a “kivuulu or crusade?” If you watch some of these programs you would cry for our people. Well, I should not be here acting like the most affected because am no perfect. The question you ask yourself in such situations is; What would Jesus do? Would he write an article and sit back to see bloggers comment and like? What have you as a christian done to see that the people around you accept Christ? Are you a reflection of Jesus’ child or you cause others to backslide…


8 thoughts on ““Religious” Madness

  1. Hmmmmm deep thoughts…..part of the issue like you said is we fail to know the word! God does not desire for any soul to perish; He did not create hell fire for his people whom He created in His own image; so how about we stand in the hedge of the gap and bear each other up in prayers?!
    So to answer your question, yes Jesus may not have written an article, but most definitely He won’t give up on a soul at al!!!
    Kudos girl!

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