something I wanted to say but she said it all.


Feminism. Homophobia. Cyber bullying. Mental health. Those four have been the hotbed of debate on the UOT timeline since late Saturday / early Sunday. The inferno still rages on, but I feel like we are dragging it threadbare, spectacularly digressed and are missing the point altogether. Before I lose you, here is a thread that wraps it all up neatly, with a bow on top. If you care to find out more, go right ahead. What I can tell you is what started out as a simple altercation, a friend defending her friend, turned into a very sticky situation; the kind unseen on all these spectacularly melodramatic reality shows on our TV screens. People were blocked (I am one of them), muted, unfollowed (made the cut here too) and all manner of disassociation from those whose opinions differed with the feminist movement or even seemed to “champion” homophobia. In short…

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