Andrew Kabuura: Creating A Legend. #MyStory

I had a chance to work around him…….so down to earth,

Evelyn Masaba

The first time I met Andrew, I already had my own in built notions of him that I didn’t expect to change at any point in the future. I expected Kabuura to be a huge Playboy, arrogant and standoffish. That’s all I thought and boy was I wrong; Trust me I almost did swallow my words when I met him, Kabuura is a polite man albeit stubborn with a glint of mischief in his eyes. He smiles a lot when talking and tends to try to turn every question you ask him against you something I think he does because of being in the news a lot. In the strangest way, I instantly took a shining to him and not because both of us find “German juice” really funny when you are high, but because he is a genuinely down to earth person who loves having fun as much as…

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