Fools Day

1st April, I don’t know why today was made international fools day but am aware that the world has different persecptives about what the word “fool” means. My online English dictionary says ” a fool is a person who is a joker or one with little intelligence”. Most people are wrongfully familiar with the second meaning. Today people have been called fools because they follow a certain line of belief, abstain till marriage, tithe tenth of their salary, choose to be corruption free and many other others. 

In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night play, Feste was labelled a fool because of his jokes (lies) & cunning ways. I must admit I thought he was a scandalous character.The Bible emphasizes that a fool is a person who chooses to do wrong instead of right. In totality, the Bible associates a fool with doing wrong things. So who is a fool now? And why should we be have a designated day just for us to “fool” around?  


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