How you treat people the first time they meet you is going to affect the way they perceive or make conclusions about you. We should also know that it may not be the first time or just each time…are you the kind of person who is always negative, rude or argumentative each time someone trys to create convo with you? People are going to tell a different story to people who may even have helped you. 

Humans don’t forget. I always hear this line ” you have to learn and understand people,” well that is very fine but don’t you think the persons you treat in a rude manner each time get tired?! They do sweetheart. Reception is an aspect of life. Be kind and humble. If we all were rude, then this world would be drowning with blood, revenge, no developments etc… 

Thank you 🙂

A waiter at Saffron Restuarant.

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