Childhood Reminiscence part 1

Growing up as a twin was intriguing and cony. My mother who is traditionally referred to as  “Nnalongo”  had the privilege of this title even before we were born. When we were little,  my twin sister Nakie (Nakato) who had rather big round eyes always thought I was abandoned by my biological mother for her mum (our mother). She always told her “mum, take this child back to her mother” haha!!! Nakie was the fleshy baby, they called her “matama book” because she had big cheeks and me – just the small baby with just enough skin. As twins we went to the same schools, wore similar clothes on Christmas only the color of the dresses, shoes, t-shirts or jeans, food containers and many other things differentiated them. Academically,  we were 290% so never repeated class or left each other behind.

Last night we were having one of those childhood flashback conversations; one time in primary 4 we decided to fast as our Muslim friends had influenced us that is nice to do so. We even went to the mosque for prayers but only thing I remember is “we put off our shoes and entered the mosque but the next minute we were in class chewing papers because of the hunger” lol….mum whipped our little asses for punishing our own intestines. Don’t play with African moms. Hehe……. The visitation days dad blamed our mathematics teachers because of our lazy brains……..and his (dad) bid to teach us maths in holidays but we just managed to scoop credits at the end of the four years of O’ level. My dad was a friend to the Dean of studies, so each time he came even when it’s not visitation day you would just be rest assured he is in his office creating conversations on top of his voice…hahaha!!!! The teachers referred to him as ” the father of the twins”.

As usual I was always the good twin and my sister the stubborn twin whom they accused of many things she did not do. I remember one cold cloudy morning, Hawa (classmate) found me with Nakie eating porridge and suggested we start a strike.I still laugh each time I recollect this.We were only little senior ones but acted like Napoleon….”Slowly & savagely we reached for empty jerrycans started chatting,

We want to go home!

We want to go home!

We want to go home!

We gooooo, we go, we go

The rest of the class joined in and before we knew it we were kneeling in front of the staff room being threatened by the Headteacher and DPC for arrest. I was scared because I knew my dad would rescue us before we even reached the police station. “It was a matter of a phone call,” the proud me told myself. Time to opt the ring leaders, my sister was called in but I survived. “Anti, am the good twin” little did they know I was a little devil….. God forgive thy sins. There was also a scenario where a class teacher commented on my report card that I was cheeky. Hihihi……my mum had to even go to the Headteacher and demanded the report card be changed. That term, Nakie had a good comment and me the weird one. I remember the shock in mum’s voice and eyes when she saw the report…..”No way, who wrote this!” I repeat don’t play with African moms, I hadn’t failed but my mother just didn’t want her daughter being bestow upon comments she knew were wrong.

Haha!!! Am not anywhere near the end yet there is a whole lot….
Watch out for part 2


4 thoughts on “Childhood Reminiscence part 1

  1. Can’t believe yoll started a strike 😂😂. How classic. I remember when my friend and I got kicked out of class for misbehaving so we decided to pull down the main switch and ran away. We never got caught 😂

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