Murder In the City

Till when shall we continue to mourn our beloved ones? Till when shall we keep asking “but who is the killer?,why did they kill them?” Since when?How would they be so heartless? 

Till when shall death be the winner! On Friday 17th march, 2017, AIGP Andrew Felix kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver were gunned down by unknown men. Innocent people dying like chicken for what they don’t know about or even do. They don’t deserve this. It was saddening for lots of people and still is. Many people have died in this saga and nothing or no clue has been found. But why? 

The president immediately thought installing cameras around the city to catch these culprits will help. Well, his idea ain’t bad but do we have to wait for people to die before something be done?! I ask again! Till when shall we mourn our beloved Ones? Till when? Death be not proud.

Rest in peace AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.


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