Happy Womenz Day

Mum thank you for grooming me into a respectful being. She is a warrior. My mother. My pride. My happiness. My Joy. My motivation. My best friend. I know sometimes we have mother-daughter fights but you are still the best. Your Daughter. 😍

Today we celebrate women.I woke up to pictures, videos and texts describing hardworking and outstanding women in Uganda.okay, its women’s day.I don’t want to would like I appreciate you only on this day. You are and will always be she does. This day confuses me with mother’s day. However, not every women is a mother much as every women can be a mother. 

And to all the single mothers, strong willed mothers staying in violent marriages just for their children. The young mothers who have endured the insults than aborting that baby. Not forgetting all the women in my life who have held and are still pulling my hand while on this life ladder. Thank you.  

To all the single fathers who have been supportive and always there 24/7. Enjoy this day. 


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