Religion and Love

But can’t we just love without minding religion? Can’t we just get married without a priest or sheikh? But why can’t we be one without this “am christian,  am Muslim thing?” It’s sad that we are forced to change religion because of love. What is love then?  Sometimes we end up not joined together because no one is willing to incline into another’s ideology. Well, we can’t get married undecided because our children need one direction.Cheeei! I have a funny way of beginning my articles, it’s happened not twice or thrice but several like what I just did. Back to the facts>>>>>>>

Traditionally, women are supposed to accept the man’s religion. But what happens if a man follows the woman’s’ religion!!!!!!??????!!!!!  I know a man who will say, “I can’t, that means I am not a man”. But what is the meaning of being a man? I will leave that to the self-proclaimed men to answer. Deep down I know its weird but!!??? I want you to put yourself in a position where you fall in love with a person of a unique religion from yours. Would you leave them because they aren’t of your religion? Would you want them to change for you? How about you? Why won’t you change for them? They say love is patient and unconditional. And I want to think this topic is for those dating with sincere intentions of marriage not dating for all the right and wrong reasons. Would you change for your partner?


5 thoughts on “Religion and Love

  1. 1:what is love
    2:what is marriage
    3:what is religion

    my opinion. man created the boundaries. the religious books teach love has no boundaries but religion created boundaries. the leaders made the rules and the blame game started. i was asking someone today who made the vows we recite in church

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