Do you know that feeling when you feel ignored? The feeling of not being wanted? Do you have an idea of what it is like to feel used? When you think you unworthy? That moment when you don’t trust anyone around you? When you regret having met some people in your life? Wishing you could go back into your mum’s womb and be that foetus protected from this scorching sun? A period you question your existence? Ask yourself how it would have been if you were born in a poor family and had to work hard to get everything you achieve? Or a rich family where everything is on a silver plate. Have you ever questioned your sexuality?..wondering what it would be like to be a boy not a girl vice versa. Imagined how life would be if we had no mutual feelings? Have you thought about all this?!

When was the last time you made a sad person happy? Helped the helpless? Told the truth and not lies. When was the last time you decided to lead your life in a right way? Did something for a person out of self willingness without selfish interests…. 

The wishes and questions are too many but there is also a lot we can do to be better persons for the greater good. If you are the reason a man, woman or child is out there sad.Trust me, itwill come back to haunt you.Most times I like to listen to testimonies. They have a way of motivating and teaching me. There is a time I was watching 77Days of Glory and this man came upon the pulprit with a book full of  ladies’ names, ladies he been invloved with sexually. Tgis book contained their contacts and places of residence. It was a bomb! for everyone. He had slept with over 200 hundred women.People, the spirit of sexual Perversion is the enemy we need to fight. Am always going to talk about this. I know i can change a life. When this gentleman decided to  “change” and finally settle down  with one woman. What he had done came back to torment his family life.His wife couldnt conceive and was about to walk out on their marriage.He had previously had a child with a woman he never married. To cut the long story short. 

Brethren, you reap what you sow. This man had been bewitched. Am not supporting witchcraft or suggesting something but when you sow in a bad way, you will reap in a bad way. 

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