Wait for Me [The Dream]- part 3

We met in a dream and had a dialogue with furure bae. 

I was walking down the stairs and slipped,then he grabbed me, for a moment I froze.The grip of his strong arms and his body perfume so delicious.The look on his face was full of concern. I would feel his heart beat so fast as mine.When my eyes reached for his slim lips, **I bushed**. ……. “Next time be careful” in a rather serious tone. He warned. Not even a heavy emit would stop my body’s instability. It felt like electricity waves surveying me.By the way am Arthur, amh! Ammmh! [Stammering]…He interrupted,  “I know you are Phiona”. Surprised,……. 

Arthur: Sorry about what happened out there. He said calmly, always be careful I need you alive.

I felt offended, “you need me aaaaaa…..what!!!?exasperated.He was a nice guy and I had a crush on him but hey, that’s so arrogant! I thought.

Arthur: [apologies] oh! Sorry if I have offended but,,,,,!!!???? He hesitates.

The proud me caripicously stood up to walk out on him but no sooner had I moved my second than his firm grip held me with him as if taking a stab at beseeching me.I told myself; Phiona this is the day the Lord has made…… seats down

Arthur: listen, am really sorry. Just give me a reply and I will let you go. [In a compunctious voice]

Me: [smiles] its okay. Pretends to check my phone as though I have an appointment.Looking past his very clear body..”damn!, this guy gyms, check his muscles” [muttering]. Not to make a thinko. 

Arthur: Can I drop you?Or can I at least walk you out? 

Me: No thank you. I said assertively.The independent proud woman in me acting up yet I want.

Arthur: [murmurs ] I can’t believe am seated right in front of you and yet I can’t say it. 

Me: [I heard it] What did you say? By the way how is it even possible that you know my name?

Arthur: aaaaaaaaaah….. because its a Beautiful name.[beats around the bush] he smiles and wow!!! He has a radiant smile and one dimple that lights up his whole face.I didn’t want him to stop. He reminds me of prince charming in the movies.Phiona control yourself I pinch myself to see if this is all true. ……Phiona from the very first day I saw you,I liked you. I told my buddies about you.So excited I called up my mum I told her soon I will make you proud! It has been 2 whole years but each time I see you it feels like the first time I met you in that elevator.

Pheonaaaaaaaa…….. wake up,you wake up…….. My sister violently in a kind manner shaking me. “It’s 10am, won’t you go to campus? ” Oh!!!! My dream.

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