Wait for Me – part 4 [The song]

Listening to Ed sheeran’s – Shape of you. Come on be my my baby, come on, come on be my baby, come, come on be my baby…am in love with your body  with you

Dear Imaginary boyfriend, when will you come home to ask for my acceptance speech. To share your t-shirts and boxers with me each minute of our weekends. Family and friends ask me about you every year. My call log misses your calls, my Instagram yearns for our cozy adorable photos, my playlist is full of lyrics describing you, my blog screams for real stories about us, my WhatsApp longs for our late night texting……chatting about work, life, God, family and our plans.

I can’t wait to tell you how many lads have asked me out and how two friends have a crush on me. They need me but you WANT me. My attention they wish for each day, but am immoved. My pumpkin can’t you see its only you am waiting for. I think of the day we shall meet and how it will be like….May God make it memorable. 

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