Pocket Full of Shy (Verse 6)

So I log in and decide to read through the stories on #ugblogweek and this particular chain story started by Dj Twonjex, Kirabo, Patricia, kayaba and now Mable feels relatable.Here goes my continuation from Mable’s (verse 5)…….

The man I can’t have……….

So near yet so far from my heart. 

You won’t even notice my presence or “beautiful” pictures or my jokes. Oh! I feel sad. 

Ignored gestures and body language. When will you notice the look in my eyes? The wide smile on my face when you just say “hello”. 

The urge to be close to you all the time. Playful pinches just for you to pinch me back and may be just may be, it can all just start with a pinch!

The “sorry its not your text” texts I send you….. Hoping you would ask, “why won’t you text me too!

Should I just tell him?…….


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