Wait for Me – part 1

Dear Future Bae,

Hello, are you doing well? Honey I miss you with every air I breath in and step I make. Today was valentine’s  day, yeah as usual I didn’t have a date because you have decided to take long. Though, I went out for pizza with my friends; violet, merab, Janet and Joy. We had fun.By the way I got a rose from a “friend” whose name I don’t even know. Yes! I felt shy but deep down I wished it was us. Darling, hope you didn’t take any girl for dinner. It’s frustrating that I don’t even know where you are and who you are. But sweetheart don’t let babes seduce you into liking them…..am the only one for you. Please don’t share my bed with them or permit them to feel the warmth only meant for me. Oh! I feel jealousy at the thought of any woman using my kitchen to prepare you a meal.Honey, not that I want you to sleep Hungry but its my place or massaging your beautiful defined athletic body at 11pm in the night and having that steamy shower with you.You are my man. Wait…..don’t get tired.

Wait for me pumpkin😍

Yours love.


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