“Forced Housewives”

I will start this article with a strong prayer. Dear Lord, help me to get a lifetime lover, friend, partner, bedmate and hubby who understands your love. Respects me. Amen!

Several times there are women who have studied and graduated with very excellent grades, let alone got well paying Jobs but after marriage or getting into a relationship, they are persuaded to become full-time stay home mothers by their partners. Am not saying an educated woman should not respect what their husband says or  ain’t fit to stay home.Any parent wants what’s best for their children.  The problem comes in when one partner is being mean for reasons beyond child-care.Some men will force a lady to stay home because they have a better job, insecurities and ego.

Am I speaking to some man who thinks like this out there!?  I want you to put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel after walking your shoes malnourished on these streets of this our Uganda, getting all kind of sexual disrespect and rejection. Then after you get a job someone tells you ” STOP working, you are now the mother of my children and my wife, take care of the home”? I mean how would you feel if you are a father who has strived to see your daughter out of school then a man tells her to stay home for selfish reasons? This is not about feminism as a person reading will assume, it is about you respecting and supporting your partner.

I know a female doctor whose husband forced to be a housewife.I have been a victim; my now forgotten ex never wanted me to work. He even promised to pay me monthly. We were not even married or cohabiting. Now imagine if we got married what he would do.Ikr!!! For reasons like; men will take you away… Haha!! Such reasoning. This means you don’t respect your partner enough to trust her with your love.A man needs a woman of integrity, but if he doesn’t think that the woman he calls “My Love” is that kind, then we are in trouble. You will be surprised that a man will keep you away from the working class world and move out with his “corporate” workmate or secretary.

However, there are other reasons why one would prefer to be a housewife; bonding with their children, brutal maids etc etc etc. 

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