The Right person

I always like to write about something I have seen or gone through personally. And today is yet another of them days. I had chance to attend the Singles night at Watoto Church, its the month of love. One of the things that amused me, was a male neighbors who assuredly and hopefully whispered to his friend “this is the opportunity to meet new people”. Hahahahaha!!! I laughed to myself and thought. “Some people are here to search”, which okay.To cut the long story short. We had a group of panelists who discussed a number of love issues. It was amazing!!!!!😍😍😍 and as usual I picked a leaf or two from the exchange.

Are you the type of person out there saying, “me am waiting for the right person!” That’s very fine, infact perfect. However, have you also asked yourself “Am I really the right person for that right person am looking for?” Hope you are not lost and confused. Hah! What am I trying to say. You can’t be fornicating, having “overnights” in bars annually and yet you want to get the right person who has been sexuallly upright (morally), respectful of their body and knows the Lord. One of the panelists said; if you want the right person, work towards being the right person whom that right person deserves.Do I make sense?  

Another pointed out; Put God first, a man who doesn’t know God is trouble. When selecting a martial or a forever bedmate be careful that you share the love of God. This will save you a lot of problems. Kissing and maturbation are sexual acts. You can’t claim to be holy yet you are kisdiing and making the body of the Lord unclean.Our bodies are the Temple of God. Respect them. Don’t forget be single with a purpose.

My Friday has been useful afterall.



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