Sexual healing……

Forgive the title just felt like this would bring out what I really wanted to say. So on Saturday night I was watching #77DOGS, and this TV presenter stepped on the pulpit to confess and repent of her sins. It aint about her being bold but her story that is life changing to many youths who are silent. ‘Olivia’ I will call her……She is just 22 years who left her Parent’s home to stay in a residential paid by “commercial sexual partners”. Olivia has slept with 150 men – (government officials,pastors, etc etc)  Besides that, she has a masturbation addiction that started in primary three. The masturbation was as a result of a porn movie she watched and peer influence. Sometimes she doesn’t want to do it but finds herself doing it. She can have “intercourse” with anything in front of her provided to has a shape of penis.Even after joining Bible college at Rubaga Miracle center, the urge never stopped. You see that’s how the devil has come to destroy God’s children. This young lady has been sleeping with 4 men in a day and known in all the big clubs around Kampala,the bar managers reserve for her a table with expensive drinks because they know she has rich clients.  These men would call her and wouldn’t even greet but ask, “are you in your periods?” However, the Lord God,  never sleeps, yesterday when she got saved.One of the most important statement she said was; “I deleted all the contacts of men who I have been sleeping with, people of bad influence in my life”. What does this mean;

If you are determined to change start with deleting all the wrong people in your life. You can’t claim to have transformed yet still move around with bad influence company. I don’t want you to look at this as a sexual immorality issue alone, ask yourself then, do I have people around me who make me do things unworthy of God’s child! It is time to separate right from wrong. 

Pastor Kayanja also said some three aspects that kept me thinking through out the night.”There are three things that would change the situation.

1. Faith

It is faith that with God everything will be fine that will deliver you. 

2. Prayer

Pray in every situation.When happy, sad, excited, frustrated, success, failure and. . God is listening. Just when you think he ain’t hearing your prayer. He is preating something great for you.

3. The seed (Tithe)

This is something you offer with faith and expectation. Your achievements come from the harvest you get from the plants you placed in God’s garden.

A lovely week. 



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