Who is that man?

So yesterday I posted this picture somewhere and a “boy” asked me, ” you are looking good, thanks to the sponsor….so who is this man investing in you?” I wasn’t surprised for any typical men to think that way. 

I also didn’t deny I have a man, oh! Forgot two men in my life who are investing and will never stop till they can’t anymore. God forbid. I love them. Babe! I would kill if these two don’t talk to me the whole week, the people whom I would freely show affection too, whose “happenings” I can’t tell just anyone till am free enough. I love you mumy and Daddy my biggest investors. I thank the Lord for your life.

And for the men who still think women can not look good on their own, wake up. Much as we have family to support us, there are still thousands of ladies hustling for that range rover, house, rich kids etc etc….

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