From the horse’s mouth…..

What is Dating?……….. (Unmasking)

Many of you have been through this and are still going to come across it. No one will skip this one. Today I will share what I think about the word “Dating”. Dating is sharing a feeling or something like that. It is the first phase of a relationship. That is why if you never get to know him/her during the “risky” stage in your emotional life, do not try to climb the hill with them. It ain’t about going to the movies or dinner dates. It is more like taking a risk; you give in your time, heart going to reach the last step of the ladder. You may not have any feelings for the person but with time you get close to them and feel they owe you a smile every morning & evening. 

Dating ain’t having sex 24/7 or calling someone sweetheart, darling, honey, my woman, my man, my wife, bae, boo hubby, fiance  etc etc….. First ask yourself, why am I dating this person? Is it because I like their personality? do they make me happy? Maybe its their presence I always long for? You will then realize why you are dating someone. I always say if you ain’t got time for me then you ain’t got me! Well, we all love attention and care but if the person you offer all these luxuries is not a donor you will eventually stop donating.  

Dating is not about texting her/him every hour. There is much more to effective communication than texting. Are youthe one who is always texting? Are you the one who is always willing to sacrifice and risk? How about her when will she ever do that you always do for them. ……********

*****am feeling sleepy***** 


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