The life of a Deejay

Each time I heard the word “deejay” my mind travelled to the world of persecution. Basically about their character: people who are always in clubs, they drink all kinds of alcohol,sleep around…. Can’t have one girl. However, Since I started working in the media I have met a number of good deejays regards to character and sometimes I pinch myself just to be sure am next to one. I realized we go judging people by their professions and play God so much. If we only leeave to ceaser what belongs to Ceaser, the work would be a better place. 

Oooops!!!! You don’t know someone unless you have traveled half their journey. Don’t assume you know someone because you heard an idea. It’s true, deejays spend a lot of time in bars, clubs, on public events- doing what they know the best. They see and meet a lot of girls but why do you think some are married with children. I don’t want to make it seem like when you get married you won’t cheat on your wife. That happens even to other men. What we should realize is that being a black man doesn’t make you any different from a white man. It’s just color & culture. It’s culture that’s why you will find a deejay who doesn’t drink or smoke, has a beautiful family and won’t cheat on his wife at anyone point. Yes, I have met these kind of deejays wish I would even mention their names here. Some habits occur because of exctiement; am a celeb now and I will smash every girl who crosses my path. I have to party every weekend. I have to be in the news 24/7. It’s just color because we judge a book by its cover even without reading through it. 

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