The birthday party fight

My sister didn’t come back that friday night, I called her 10 times but they all ended as missed calls. She had left home at 9:30pm for a birthday party.This was not so typical of her I thought. She would at least have sent a text. She had to attend a wedding ceremony the next day and now it was 5:00am but no signs of a received call. At 6:30am she surfaced worn out and sleepy.What happened to you? Was my first question. She narrates; 

********************************We spent a night at the police station. I and my friends who asked me to join them for a party of whose owner I didn’t even know. Though not so long after settling in, a group of beautiful girls walked in our direction with  fierce stares and strods that smell of danger. It was like a cult. One of the babes, the leader had a grudge with the birhday girl and wanted to spoil her party.They  wrestled with bottles, chairs anything that was in their reach. Loud cheers from each group were being howled across the room.What’s funny is that the attacker lost. I was terrified that baby of the day might kill her. Like the police, club bouncers separated the duo after a lot of damage done already been done.

We get back to “our” party, hoho!!! Anti the fighting is over. It’s time to chit chat about the fight and celebrate. My friend, no cake was cut. There wasn’t any party. We spent the night on a bench at a police station. The attacker came back with the police, the bar bouncers “kyamas” tried to intervene but in vain.Our efforts to plead innocent weren’t considered.We are all rounded up – whether you were involved in the fight or weren’t . We are taken to Kiira police station.Our phones confiscated. No way to communicate to relatives about what has befallen us. Harriet my invitee cried her lungs out. I Thank God,the keys to the cell were missing, we had to wait on a bench and not enter those flithy cells. While on that bench; I thought about what my parents would say when they called them, what if they take us to Luzira- would I handle the feeding or the digging. The beatings from the “Godmother”- I reminisced about movies where you either a beloved to the Godmother or an enemy. The sexual violence acts that take place in the darkness of the night.

I just want someone reading this to know that; don’t hangout with people you hardly know. My sister didn’t even know the name of the birthday girl. Ridiculous right!!!!!!

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