Real is rare

Sooner or later I knew I would get over my ex. We had been together for 3 years kissing the happiness of this crude world as two persons in love but it was just not met to be. Unlike relationships where people break up because the latter was bad, mine wasn’t bad but a hypocrite. ******** didn’t come to talk about my ex, I refuse to give him the privilege of reading what I felt about his whole being. I don’t even know why I started with this. Maybe because I want to talk about realness.

During the Christmas period, I was Upcountry and spent most of my time taking pictures of birds; hens, turkeys, etc etc whenever they brought a new member, the other ones especially -the oldest cock challenged it to a fight to prove to the crowd that he is still the king. After three attempts he remained majestically standing in the battlefield. One morning, mum bought a cock and as usual the “King”announced the day for the fight.little did he know it was going to be his downfall. The new cock won the battle. The old cock felt ashamed and alone. No hen walked with him to get food. Normally, a cock has a hen it spends with most of the time. The cock didn’t have any true friends who would remain with him after loss. 

This may seem like just  a simple poultry story but it relates to humans.A number of time we have friends but there is a majority who will always be their to support you. Then the ones who are always in the “kamooli” means hiding. They only appear to ask, be given and disappear. It’s time to seperate good from bad. 

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