Inspirational Thursdays

My life didn’t start yesterday or today…. Every night and day am chasing my dreams.I ain’t going to sleep till am up the ladder. Many times we get discouraged and do all sorts of things just to achieve what we want. Take a moment and ask yourself; are you the kind of person who is going to feel proud when you reach the last step of the ladder or sad/frustrated with your past? Don’t trade your respect for attention. Many times I get emails about jobs I like and don’t. But am always curious about who recommends me or why this particular “admirer” chooses me. Am the silent worker who let’s it speak for itself. One day my work is going to speak for me. 

Sometimes I see things and wonder what it would be like if people who were born in “not so rich” families, I think of the opportunities they would have, how they would behave, would they be kind comrades or the latter. Of course we don’t decide where to be born, its destiny. However, you have got to change the bad destiny into a better one. Hardwork pays they said.

6 thoughts on “Inspirational Thursdays

  1. Your work is already speaking for itself. Your blog is so inspiring and I love reading your posts. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.

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