Bye 2016. Happy 2017

A while without writing, I guess 2016 was trying to have more of me. The year was fifty good, fifty bad. I should say we walked the journey came across obstacles along the way but we continued. To those we lost RIP. 2016 taught me a number of things; love relationships can begin & end, to make decisions of my own, working among reknown persons in the public, aim higher and be kind. Lazy relationships, slow morning, break ups etc etc but still pushing on. Achievements; a camera of my own. I get to spend the night with him, wondering why I said “him”; I call my camera; “my champion”. Today I was out taking my first shots with champion he was good to me….of course he us such a darling.Life: I want to thank everyone who has been supportive in whatever way they did. Am grateful. Hoping for the best in 2017. Unlike other years, today I will enter the new year while in my bed on my phone touring the internet. >>>>>upcountry. Status>>>>In bed unbothered. Typing at 11:06pm , I can’t forget to say thank you Lord for the gift of life.


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