Merry Christmas 🎅🎄

Seated in jam for the last 3 hrs yet am not any near to reaching upcountry. Am going home where there is plenty of good, love just for me, no tear gas, unpolluted environment with beautiful scenery etc .Traveling to the village during the festive season isn’t only the best but the worst. Besides the jam, the traffic check points are less. Passengers chit chatting about daily events with exaggerated facts or totally false truths.The most exciting part about travelling upcountry is; the “ngojja” roasted bananas and chicken Its not like you have never eaten chicken but rather jsut thrilling. I guess with the adventure instinct………There is also a group of people who are normally new to the route so they keep asking though what’s more funny and sad, is when the driver passes by the place and the anxiety with which they receive & Make phone calls. 

***words lost****

Its 12:23am 25 December, 2016. Happy holidays sweethearts. I love you. 


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