77DOGS – Victory Belongs to Jesus

77 days of Glory is a revival session organised by Miracle Center Cathedral -Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church. I have witnessed people get healed, saved, delivered, total salvation. They bring in loads of witchcraft, the lame, sick get healed, Muslims and non Muslims accept Jesus.They all confess Jesus is Lord and every knee bows before the Lord. I watched the first season and Did npt want it end. Thank God we have 77 days of Glory 2 , I call it season 2.

Holyspirit is working at Miracle center, one time Pastor Kayanja was filled with the holy spirit and he literally was weak and crying in front of his congregation. This must have been my most wonderful moment. The gospel is real, guys Jesus is Lord. He said, call unto me and I will answer. This is happening at mircale center cathedral.  It’s encouraging because the church gives to the congregation. “People it pays to walk with God”. The church has a theme song named “Victory belongs to Jesus…..I have picked a few lines of the chorus.

We Can stand against the King, no one can and no one will….ohhhh…ohhhh…. Victory belongs to Jesus, Victory belongs to him.

Screenshots of the church’s Facebook pages, activities, miracles…..

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