A mother’s love

What happened to a mother’s love, not so long mothers were an epitome of hope now some of them are wolves in sheep skin.

A woman carrys a child in her womb for nine months of hustle, struggling to get what to eat and they abandon him at a rubbish pit because the father has “pleaded” guilty for irresponsibility or a man who has radically decided to move in with a concubine. You would have aborted the little thing then…. God forgive me. I badly want to say a mother walking out on her children is fair rather than one who murders her children in cold blood still because of a man who ain’t interested in their “arrangement”anymore.But none of it is fair. Some women go ahead to sacrifice their children for wealth. Seriously….. “For God so loved the world that he gave his own Son to die for our sins”why do you think Jesus died on that cross? For us to have life, eternal life. No one has the right to take one’s life. God gives and He alone takes. 
Mothers busy marrying off their little ones for Money like money changers. I was watching news last night and there was this story of parents who sold their daughter at one fifty thousand only to a man. And the mother was the master mind, ironically the father didn’t even know about the agreement.

Smh 😯 feel like crying. The world is changing alot. 

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