Sexual Violence

The discussion around sexual violence has been centered widely around injuries and women. It is true that women are the major  victims however we shouldn’t forget it’s an oblong issue that has inner and outer effects for emphasis. 

Inner  effects: A woman raped by her own husband, a little girl abused by the father or brother, a man who is coerced to do all kinds of sex styles some to which he bring him pain in his body. A homestead where the house is a kitchen, sitting room and bedroom during night time. The children have to endure the sexual interferences from their parents. Stories of a girl who was kept in the basement by her father for his selfish needs. Many have even raised children from their fathers. 

Outer effects: the dress code of girls, rape from strangers, prostitutes get raped by clients at times, cyber content, martial misunderstandings where the husband ends up raping the maid.

The focus of my topic is going to be on two major two issues; children living in a small homestead and Rape.

Children living in a small homestead      I will keep the identity of a young gentleman who shared his story . Growing up seemed normal till he had to endure his parents’ moans and groans that tormented the tiny dirty walls of the one roomed house he called home in the awe hours of the night. At an older age, he felt ashamed looking at them in the morning. Several times his drunken father shouted obscenities in their “martial” bed. The gentleman had to start an independent living prematurely. He suffered psychologically.His siblings aren’t exempted. 
Rape: We should realize that rape does not occur on females alone even the males are targets. Funny as it may sound some men are raped in marriage. In addition, rape doesn’t mean he had to tear off your clothes, so long as you don’t want and you are forced.It’s RAPE.

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3 thoughts on “Sexual Violence

  1. I must say you have raised your issues in a clear and precise manner! Indeed I very much wish to associate myself with your well researched ideas! Sexual violence is still key among ways how human and children’s rights have been violated! Under the law, proving that a wife is being raped by her husband actually isn’t easy! However this should be solved by way of advocacy like u have done. Great work Great work!


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